Thank you!

Thank you for trusting BGSHIELD to protect your favorite board games!

BGSHIELD is changing the game by protecting your tabletop cardboard collection so you can enjoy game night worry free.

BGSHIELD is the best way to protect your core gaming components (boards, boxes, etc.). It works for you quietly in the background as invisible insurance against game night accidents and spills.

Since you may have questions as you begin the party-proofing process, reference our website as your resource, to include:

Your BGSHIELD (blue) kit should include:

  • BGSHIELD bottle (10 or 20 games)
  • Felt applicator (cut into four squares)
  • Two (2) rubber gloves

Your BGSHIELD (green) kit should include:

  • BGSHIELD spray bottle (4 oz. for 20 games)

Contact us with any questions or feedback - we'd love to hear from you!

Refer a friend! Please tell your fellow gamers about BGSHIELD:

  • It repels water, coffee, wine, beer, juice, soda, fingerprints, and many types of food
  • Best used on primary cardboard components: game boards, boxes, and tiles
  • Easiest to apply when games are brand new and “unpunched”
  • A single 30 ml bottle will coat about 10 average size game boards
  • Safe and easy to apply by hand using a small felt cloth 
  • Dries in 10 minutes into a completely colorless and textureless protective barrier
  • One full coating will last at least three years and will not discolor your games
  • Active on all social media platforms; 2.5M+ views on Tiktok
  • Our website is the best resource for how-to-use, demos, and promotions
  • Our new green product is now available to ship international from US