Will BGSHIELD completely waterproof my games?

No, but it will “party proof” them, which we’ve defined as significantly reducing damage from many types of accidents: water, coffee, tea, wine, beer, juice, soda, food, and fingerprints.

You should never expose your games to prolonged periods of moisture. BGSHIELD is carefully designed to prevent disaster from accidents, not experiments (we've done the experiments so you don't have to).

Are board games already protected from water?

Many modern board games are manufactured with a thin UV coating or lamination wrap that protects the chipboard inside from moisture.  These original layers are not adequate to protect against spilled drinks or food, which are common on game tables. Even if cleaned immediately, a single spilled glass of water, wine, or coffee may stain, "bubble", or permanently warp an expensive board game. BGSHIELD adds an essential extra layer of accident protection that helps you enjoy a worry free game night.

What types of accidents are protected by BGSHIELD?

We have prevented severe damage to cardboard games from water, coffee, tea, wine, beer, juice, soda, food, and fingerprints. See our YouTube channel for many of these examples. 

What makes BGSHIELD better than other repellent coatings?

Cardboard is notoriously absorbent and easily damaged by liquids, so most repellent coatings will not work (especially those that contain wax). BGSHIELD is carefully designed to protect cardboard components in a way that leaves no residue, texture, or color on your game. In addition, BGSHIELD doesn’t just repel water: it protects against many types of food and drink that are present during game nights. BGSHIELD is easy to apply, dries quickly, and lasts longer than alternatives. You can think of BGSHIELD as an invisible layer of board game insurance that protects your games from accidents for about $1 per year, per game.

Will BGSHIELD discolor my game?

No. BGSHIELD is not a wax, polyurethane, or oil-based coating. There are no elements of BGSHIELD that will cause discoloration to your game, short or long term. BGSHIELD does not "yellow" your game. BGSHIELD dries to a slight haze, but when buffed it creates a smooth, invisible glass-like barrier on the game surface that protects it from moisture. It leaves no residue on your game that you can see or feel.

How often should I apply BGSHIELD?

BGSHIELD is permanent but you should apply to your favorite board games every three years to maximize protection.

Which games should I protect with BGSHIELD?

We recommend starting with your favorite board games, those that hit your game night table most often. Next, you may want to protect hobby games that are almost impossible to replace, which could include deluxe, $100+ crowdfunded games, or classics no longer in print.

How many games can I protect with one bottle?

You can fully coat one side of an average size board game (Ex: Horrified is 20” x 20”) with just 3.0 milliliters. A single 30 ml bottle should protect about 10 average size game boards or boxes. The number of games per bottle will vary based on your games, components, and application process.

Tip: If you are protecting multiple games at once, you can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process (hold it 36" away from the board).

How long does a bottle last?

An unopened bottle of BGSHIELD has a shelf life of one year from the manufacturing date. Once opened, use the full contents of your bottle within two weeks for maximum protection.

What game components can I protect?

BGSHIELD works especially well on game boards and game boxes. For smaller cardboard components, the best time to apply BGSHIELD is when your game is new and unpunched. See our application matrix for more information. BGSHIELD is not recommended for very thin cardboard components like playing cards or paper coins that are more easily protected with sleeves and metal replacements.

What about cardboard seams and edges?

BGSHIELD can protect exposed cardboard edges and help prevent spills from causing warp damage or bubbling. When applying to the open edges of some games or components the edges may appear slightly wet. This wetness will dry and will disappear soon after buffing is complete. Some recessed or dual-layered game boards may need to dry overnight and need multiple coats (Great Western Trail is a good example).

Should I wear gloves?

Gloves should be worn when using BGSHIELD and are included in our application kit. Apply BGSHIELD in a well ventilated area, and follow the application and safety instructions listed on our label.


Yes. Our product is primarily composed of odorless mineral spirits, which is a general purpose solvent (sometimes referred to as "paint thinner") commonly used to thin oil paints and clean art brushes. In liquid form, our product is flammable so you should avoid smoking while using this product. Our product works by creating an invisible barrier of spill protection on your game surface when it reacts with the moisture in the air. When “cured” (dried), our product is completely safe to touch and your game is safe to play. Use BGSHIELD safely and effectively by following the instructions found on our label. Our product does not contain PFAS or PFC.

Keeping customers (and games) safe aligns with our mission of encouraging people to play games together worry free.

Is BGSHIELD a type of glue or wax?

No. BGSHIELD contains no adhesive or "sticky" properties. It will dry completely smooth and invisible once buffed, and will never yellow.

Will BGSHIELD protect painted miniatures and models?

Our original "blue" bottle is specifically designed to protect tabletop cardboard games from spills and should not be used to protect paint.

We will soon launch a new (additional) "green" bottle product with some exciting features designed to protect hobby paints from chipping and fading.

Can I use BGSHIELD on puzzle pieces?


Who is using BGSHIELD?

We continue to receive great reviews in the board game community:






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