Party-proof your board games.

BGSHIELD is the first repellent coating carefully designed to protect your board games from game night spills.

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We immediately spilled a coke on the game to see what would happen... It worked PERFECTLY—no stains, no damage, and the game board wasn't even sticky. BGSHIELD is a game-changing product for our industry.

- Will Meadows, Tantrum House

The ultimate board game upgrade.

Protect your tabletop collection from spills and damage.

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Never destroy another expensive board game.

Protect your favorite games from water, coffee, tea, wine, beer, juice, and soda. Repel stains and stickiness from fingerprints and many types of food.  

Preserve a wide range of tabletop components including game boards, game boxes, cardboard tiles, puzzle pieces, and more.

Protect your board games for a lifetime in about ten minutes.

  • Like a card sleeve for your boards & boxes

    Many modern games now cost more than $100. Never lose a game to random chance!

  • Play without fear.

    Imagine the possibilities when you can play your favorite games anywhere, worry free.

  • Preserve your collection and investment.

    Board game artwork is beautiful. Show it off and pass it on, for a lifetime.

BGSHIELD is invisible gaming armor.

Apply in minutes. Apply at home. Play your games at the party, at a restaurant, or on vacation, worry-free.

Protect your $100 game for about $3

A bottle of BGSHIELD will protect about 20 board games. That means it costs only $3.40 to protect expensive board games from catastrophic spills.

  • Use in a ventilated area

  • Buff after 10 minutes

  • Play worry free

Protect your games from water

Protect your games from wine

Protect your games from the party

Say goodbye to game night spills.

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