• Party-proof cardboard games from spills (water, wine, beer, soda, food, etc.)
  • Permanently upgrade your games with invisible insurance against accidents
  • Easily apply from home in ten (10) minutes (wipe)
  • About ten (10) games per bottle (about $3/game)
  • Completely colorless and textureless; never yellows, peels, or cracks
  • Protect critical components: game boards, boxes, player mats, etc.
  • Preserve hard-to-replace tabletop games in your hobby collection
  • Play your favorite games worry-free from game night spills


  • Add an invisible layer of stain protection on cardboard games
  • Clean and permanently sanitize almost any gaming component from germs and viruses (boards, boxes, dice, coins, meeples, resources, poker chips, playmats, miniatures, phones, tablets, controllers, remotes, etc.)
  • Prevent artwork from UV damage and fading
  • Seal and protect painted miniatures with an invisible, ultra-hard nano shell
  • Easily apply from home in five (5) minutes (spray)
  • About twenty (20) games per bottle (about $1/game)
  • Completely colorless and textureless; never yellows, peels, or cracks
  • Water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic, plant and pet safe, and hypoallergenic

BGSHIELD (green) is the best new way to seal and protect your painted miniatures.

If you want to protect the hard work of your artwork, BGSHIELD is the best new alternative to traditional hobby sealants and varnishes for hand-painted tabletop miniatures and figures.

BGSHIELD is neither a sealant, varnish, or a wax. Instead, it is a nano-thin ceramic coating that is completely colorless and textureless. This ultra-hard ceramic coating has been popularized in the automotive industry for its excellent scratch resistance and UV protection on high-end paint. Think of this product like invisible armor that is scientifically designed harder, stronger, and clearer than today's hobby sealants or varnishes.

BGSHIELD is a professional grade ceramic coating that will last significantly longer than sealants or varnishes. It dries into a completely colorless and textureless shield that also permanently sanitizes its surface and provides serious UV protection. It is easy to apply (spray) in minutes with just a microfiber cloth.

If you handle (play) your painted miniatures frequently, you will find this product to be a game-changer in the way that it protects painted figures better than acrylic sealers or varnishes. BGSHIELD is best used as your final step in protecting your painted miniatures and models, and can be used in place of or on top of other hobby sealants (Testors, etc.).